Latest James Cameron Project Cancelled due to Rain

Few directors in Hollywood have the creative vision and industry savvy to top all-time gross charts multiple times throughout their careers. James Cameron is one of them. His undisputed track record has given him unprecedented control over his work, control he has used to completely halt production on his latest feature.

“It’s a court drama set in Elizabethan England,” teased Cameron last year before production started before production ended. “We want to stay true to that era as much as possible, which is why we’ve booked the Amazon for four months of shooting starting next February. That and Spielberg was going to shoot the Schindler’s List/Indiana Jones crossover sequel there, but he can’t now!”

Known for employing the latest in filmmaking technology, Cameron powered his jungle studio with the high-capacity batteries that Elon Musk plans to fit in the newest iteration of his Tesla line. Exposed lithium from the batteries, when met with the downpour provided by the Amazonian wet season, caused numerous small explosions on-set. Lead actress Monica Strewesbury was partially blinded by a hunk of flaming alkaline, an accident that would be more tragic had it not saved on prosthetic expenses for her next project, a silver screen adaptation of the classic musical The One-Eyed Rabbi.

Cameron and his production house To' Up Feeturez are expected to cut an 80-million-dollar check to Jeff Bezos for their use of the Amazon. Such a sum hasn't seemed to phase him, however- when interviewed by CelebriStalkers this month, he maintained a positive outlook:

“Sometimes your greatest inspirations come from your biggest losses. I got the idea for The Terminator from a food poisoning-induced nightmare when I was filming Piranha II in Jamaica. No, seriously. That happened.”